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1 Day (select multiple)

1 Day (select multiple)

'Drink/Snack' bundle includes a Lucozade drink and selection of Chocolate/Crisps/Snacks provided throughout the day.

Packed lunch is a requirement.

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[[If you wish to book for multiple attendees please fill form add to cart & repeat for 2nd/ 3rd person]]

Include Drink/Snack bundle? (each day)
Late Pickup (4pm - each day)

*Refunds are only available up to 20th May, any cancellations or bookings after this date will be non-refundable

*There may be some photography on-site of attendees in groups/ during activities, by placing this order you are consenting to photography on-site & during camp hours

Quantity will adjust to number of days selected - please leave as '1' in home screen

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